Nguni people speak Nguni languages and currently reside predominantly in Southern Africa.

The Northern Nguni comprise the Swazi, Zulu, and Ndebele peoples of the highveld; and the Southern Nguni include the Xhosa, Thembu, Bomvana, Mpondo and Mpondomise.

The Zulu are the most well know of the Nguni tribes and the name is recognised worldwide.

Whilst our jewellery comprises of all the styles and techniques used by the Nguni tribes, we have chosen the name Zulu as a recognition word.



a person's appearance or manner, especially as an indication of their character or mood.

"he has a cautious, academic mien"


air, bearing, or demeanor, as showing character, feeling, etc.

1:  air or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality: demeanor <of aristocratic mien>

2:  appearance, aspect <dresses of formal mien>

Your mien is how you present yourself, the impression you make. It's best to keep a low profile but a dignified mien.

The source of the word mien is not completely clear, but it does involve a French word for "facial expression." A person's mien is a look or quality that tells a lot about their personalities or temperaments. A person with a cheerful mien probably radiates happiness and energy, while someone with a serious mien may have an air of being lost in thought.

Zulu Mien

Our jewelry has an Nguni mien - meaning it has an air of Nguni aesthetic/appearance.

Our aesthetic takes its cues from Nguni traditional culture and beaded art but it is not traditional Nguni product.

We're taking the essence of the Nguni and translating it into something that honors it, but is different to it.