• Zulu Mien and Elegânté

    Zulu Mien is very proud to have worked on one of our latest ranges with talented Zulu jewelry designer, Noxy Mseleku of Elegânté. Noxolo Mseleku (N...
  • Khanya Mthethwa's contribution to Zulu Mien

    Today Khanya is an award winning jewelry designer working as an academic at the University of Johannesburg. She has completed a Masters of Art in the field of design, Rough Diamond Evaluation and Diamond cutting certificates. She is also currently a PhD candidate at the University of Johannesburg in the department of Visual Art, majoring in Art History.
  • The Fix Scholarship and Zulu Mien

    I would really like to use this blog platform to tell the story of how Zulu Mien came about. A huge part of why Zulu Mien exists and is operational today is thanks to The Fix Scholarship.
  • The beginning of Zulu Mien

    My name is Nikki Robertson and I’m the founder of Zulu Mien. Years ago I was invited to train as a product developer in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal and to work alongside rural women artisans. I loved my work in these communities and enjoyed watching the women we worked with grow from strength to strength. Our job was to develop and refine these handmade products and connect the artisans with wholesalers and retailers who could market and sell their beautifully made wares.